List of free web directories

Starting out with directories listing Seo Expert-2-Be…

These take much too long…:
  • Search for KnowledgeComputers > Internet R
  • SphericomInternet > Website > Marketing

  R — A reciprocal link is required to get listed on this directory.
  C — Only under certain conditions (e.g. a certain forum membership) a reciprocal link is not required.
  S — Susceptible to spamming to some extent. Keep an eye on this after submitting, because your link can be distorted or removed by spammers.

This section will have a comprehensive collection of links to free-to-submit web directories. We are compiling a list right now. But since our site is fairly new, and its growing popularity is helped by directories willing to list it in these early stages, we figured it would be nice to temporarily limit our list, to support these particular directories.

Watch this space though, for the definitive collection is coming soon.

Other directory lists…

Even though a lot of the following lists show paid directories as well, they can still help you get links for free if you pick the right ones. Until we come up with a list of our own, please help yourself with these:

Link partner networks…

Other – similar – ways to get more inbound links are through advertising. A good way to do that for free is to give links in return for backlinks. There are a number of these services about, for example:

Contact us…

Feel free to contact us if you feel the information presented here is outdated or flawed in any way. Whenever multiple sources spot a new insight or trend, the information in this guide will be updated asap. But all other comments, especially suggestions, praise or other kinds of support, are welcome too…

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