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  • Jan 19, 2005: The rel="nofollow" attribute
    The major search engines have agreed to obey a new HTML attribute that is put up in an attempt to combat blog spamming. Read the Google blog entry above for more info.
    Now – to highlight the links (on any page you visit) that have this attribute set already, try the bookmarklet on the Webjunkies blog. FYI – is one of the first sites implementing this restriction on its outbound links.

  • Jan 1, 2005: PR/BL Update
    Google updates the PageRank and number of Backlinks shown for the pages in its index. As always the update looks a little funny to most people concerned. Read more about it on SEO Scoop and on just about every SEO Forum on the web.

  • Dec 10, 2004: Google Suggest
    It is now possible to have Google come up with possible (and popular) search terms as you type into the Google search box. This is interesting for searchers and for optimisers looking for popular keyword phrases. Read more about it on the forums, and the official info on Google's Suggest FAQ

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