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This section will hold a small directory of well-SEOed sites. Before we start adding our own favourite examples, we call on webmasters to submit their own site (or pages) to show as an example. Mind you: we're not asking you to divulge your deepest SEO secrets, but it would be nice if the pages used a couple of successful SEO techniques, explained in simple terms.

Of course the examples (and their author) will be nicely presented, and all links will be static and clear. Since we believe this Good SEO Examples directory will be one of the most popular sections of SEO Expert2Be, the benefits are bound to be mutual. As popularity rises, a simple SEO Tutor award button will be added to all examples. This button could also be placed on the listed examples' pages.

Note to modern SEOers, hesitant to submit their pages: your links will appear mid-page and mid-paragraph, so if you're into modern SEO this is a valuable promotion opportunity.

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First entry — case study #1

…and a stylish one at that. Take a look at Paul Dixon's Image and Concept, an online portfolio containing samples of his art, design and illustration work. In the next paragraphs, some of the techniques he used to design and promote his web site (home page) will be described.

For starters: note how all the basics are applied. That page has a catchy title with a distinctive style, but it also contains the most important keywords. Furthermore, the page holds at least one <h1> header. The site has a domain, which corresponds nicely with the target group. And every page has a miniature sitemap, with clean, spiderable, links pointing to the main sections.


There are no silly and pointless meta tags to dilute content. What's more: there's very little ballast on this home page. This results in a naturally high keyword density, up to 8.5% for "image and concept" among all three-word phrases. Good prominence for that as well. Similarly "valuable" keywords (albeit with slightly lower density) are illustration, concept, image, portfolio, art and "Paul Dixon".

Of course the various subpages, for instance Paul Dixon/art, are more focused and have higher densities for less keywords. This particular page will rank very well for art and "Paul Dixon art". That is… if it has enough backlinks (from other sites) with the right keywords in the anchor text.

Design impact…

Paul does however break the web design rule of not using "tables" to shape a page. But — if you've read the SEO guide overview — you may remember that breaking or bending the rules to reach your goal faster or more easily is in fact one of the most advanced SEO techniques. And tables just happen to offer powerful (dynamic) formatting.

The Image and Concept site will be easy for visitors to remember, because of its clean but appealing style, the fact that it uses a favicon and also because the URL reflects the title. All in all — potential customers are bound to be reassured, impressed even, by the quality of the site.


Contact us…

Feel free to contact us if you feel the information presented here is outdated or flawed in any way. Whenever multiple sources spot a new insight or trend, the information in this guide will be updated asap. But all other comments, especially suggestions, praise or other kinds of support, are welcome too…

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