Step by step guide


Please note that – as this guide is nearing completion (it is still "work in progress" for now) – the items below will be turned into links. The goal of this site is to present a complete – but concise – guide. More in-depth info can be found in the articles we link to on each of our pages, if it is too elaborate to be covered here directly.

  1. Set your goal
    • Commercial sites
    • Hobby sites
    • Aiming for huge popularity?
    • Just playing around
    • Observe and learn
  2. Choose your web address
    • Dot com or not dot com?
    • Hosting — paid or free, which country?
    • Domain name — brand or keywords?
    • Subdomains
    • Buying expired domains
  3. Web site setup
  4. On-page SEO
    • Site map — take 2
    • Title tags
    • Meta tags
    • Header tags and bold text
    • Value of headers, bulk and footers
    • Block Level Analysis
  5. Off-page SEO
    • Submit to search engines?
    • Page rank, inbound and outbound links
    • Must-know: anchor text
    • Check your backlinks
    • Link building and link exchange
    • Major directories
    • Awards programs
    • Sitewide links
    • Related sites and pages
  6. Breaking the rules mentioned above


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Feel free to contact us if you feel the information presented here is outdated or flawed in any way. Whenever multiple sources spot a new insight or trend, the information in this guide will be updated asap. But all other comments, especially suggestions, praise or other kinds of support, are welcome too…

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